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Get Ayah recitations for specific Surah‚Äč

Get list of ayah #model:knzdXGgyjYnAqbhGX for a Surah.

Path Parameters
    recitation_id number required

    Recitation Id, you can get list of all ayah by ayah recitations using this endpoint #endpoint:HLbauN2sdGitPQPPL

    chapter_number number required

    Possible values: >= 1 and <= 114


    audio_files object[]
  • Array [
  • url string
    duration number
    format string
    segments undefined[]
  • ]
  • pagination object
    per_page integer

    Default value: 10

    Entries per api call

    current_page integer

    Default value: 1

    next_page integer

    Next page in paginated result

    total_pages= integer

    Total number of pages

    total_records= integer