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Version: 1.0.0

QuranReflect V1 API

QuranReflect V1 APIs allows your app to interact with resources.

Getting started

Our APIs are not public and require an API key. Please contact us via email to get yours.

User-specific APIs

All user-specific APIs (For example Creating a post) require the following headers:

  • access-token the user access token, this token can be changed with every request.

  • token-type value should always be Bearer.

  • client the client token, this too can be changed with every request.

  • expiry unix timestamp (in seconds) to indicate when access token will expire.

  • uid user's unique identifier.

  • Authorization: complete authorization header. Sample value Bearer eyJhY2Nlc3MtdG9rZW4iOiJ4cjBrb3g1eXdVM3JrelVMZjhVUzlBIiwidG9rZW4tdHlwZSI6IkJlYXJlciIsImNsaWVudCI6IkpQeFJCRTloVmRBbDlTX1BVdEhJN2ciLCJleHBpcnkiOiIxNzA1OTQwNTQ3IiwidWlkIjoiYW1lci5hYmJhc0BtYWlsaW5hdG9yLmNvbSJ9.

    The values of access-token, client, expiry, and uid headers will be returned in the response of User Sign in API.


Security Scheme Type:apiKey
Header parameter name:client_auth_token