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Sign in‚Äč

This API endpoint allows authenticated access by verifying user credentials. To sign in, the client sends a POST request to this endpoint with the user's email and password in the request body. Upon successful authentication, the server returns(in headers) an access token, uid, client token, and Authorization info , which can be used for authorized access to protected resources. In case of an unsuccessful authentication attempt, an error message is returned.

Query Parameters
    client_auth_token string required

    Client API token

Request Body

Login body

    email email

    login using email, or you can use login field which support login using email or userame.

    password string required

    The email/username password.

    login string

    email or username


Signin response

Response Headers
  • access-token string

    user's access token

  • token-type string

    token type

  • client string

    client's access token

  • expiry string

    token expiry timestamp

  • uid string

    User's uid

  • Authorization string

    data object

    QuranReflect User model.

    id integer

    The Id of the user

    email string

    The email of the user

    name string deprecated

    Full name of user. It is deprecated, please use first_name and last_name instead.

    username string

    The username

    verified boolean

    true if user is a verified member

    follow_notification boolean
    comments_notification boolean
    description string nullable

    user bio

    default_lang string

    ISO code of the language that the user prefers to read posts in.

    uid string

    User uniqe identifier

    provider string

    User account provider.

    onesignal_player_id string nullable

    User's OneSignal subscription Id.

    post_as boolean

    Whether user is allowed to post as another user.

    android_registration_id string nullable

    The registration Id of the user's Android device.

    sign_up_type string nullable

    Possible values: [OLD USER, web, QR_IOS, QR_ANDROID, QuranMemorizer, QF_AUTH]

    The signup type

    emails_disabled boolean

    Whether the user disabled receving emails or not.

    first_name string

    The user's first name.

    last_name string nullable

    The user's last name.

    is_admin? boolean

    Whether the user is an admin.

    user_avatar_url string nullable

    The user's avatar url.

    rooms_list object[]

    List of rooms the user is a member of.

  • Array [
  • id string

    The Id of the room

  • ]
  • user_type string nullable

    Possible values: [0, 1]

    The type of the user. 0 = student of knowledge.1 = scholar.