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Search filters

The "search filters" API allows users perform multisearch for different filters, e.g search for users, tags, surah, ayah or ayah ranges.

This api is just like search, only difference is you can search using multiple queries and this is a POST request instead of GET.

Each search query follow the following format:

  • If the search query starts with "#" (hashtag), the API will search for matching tags.
  • If the search query starts with "@" (at sign), the API will search for matching usernames.
  • Otherwise, the API will search for matching text in translations.

Auth header are optional, but if you're searching in user group/page then you'll need to provide the auth headers as well.

Query Parameters
    client_auth_token string required

    Client API token

Header Parameters
    access-token string

    user access token

    client string

    client access token

    expiry string

    timestamp of token expiry

    Example: 1531315250
    token-type string

    access token type

    Example: Bearer
    uid string

    user uid

Request Body
    q string[]


Response Headers

    • Array [
    • anyOf

      id string

      user id

      text string


      full_text string

      full name with username

      avatar string

      url avatar url

      collection string

      Default value: authors

    • ]