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Get user profile detail‚Äč

This API endpoint allows retrieving the profile details of a specific user, identified by their username.

Path Parameters
    username string required

    username of user

Query Parameters
    client_auth_token string required

    Client API token

Header Parameters
    access-token string required

    user access token

    client string required

    client access token

    expiry string

    timestamp of token expiry date

    token-type string required

    Default value: Bearer

    token type

    uid string

    user uid



    success boolean
    user_info object
    id integer
    username string
    name string deprecated
    first_name string
    last_name string
    verified boolean
    profile_img nullable
    followed boolean
    original_profile_img nullable
    rooms_list object[]
    display_name string
    user_type string
    user_notifications_settings object[]
  • Array [
  • id integer
    emails_disabled boolean
    follow_notification boolean
    followed_user_added_post_notification boolean
    post_commented_notification boolean
    post_liked_notification boolean
    mention_notification boolean
    added_post_in_group_notification boolean
    follow_push_notification boolean
    followed_user_added_post_push_notification boolean
    post_commented_push_notification boolean
    post_liked_push_notification boolean
    mention_push_notification boolean
    added_post_in_group_push_notification boolean
  • ]
  • followers integer
    followees integer