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User Translations API‚Äč

Get translations preference of a specific user

NOTE: user_id in api path doesn't matter, system will authenticate using auth headers and send translation preferences of authenticated user.

Path Parameters
    user_id string required

    user id

Query Parameters
    client_auth_token string required

    Client API token

Header Parameters
    access-token string required

    user access token

    client string required

    client access token

    expiry string required

    timestamp of token expiry

    Example: 1531315250
    token-type string required

    access token type

    Example: Bearer
    uid string required

    user uid



Response Headers

      success boolean
      translations object[]
    • Array [
    • id integer
      name string
      created_at string
      updated_at string
      language_id integer
      default boolean
    • ]