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Update user notifications setting api‚Äč

Update email and push notification settings for user.

NOTE: QuranReflect is sending email and push notification. User can update settings for both types of notifications. Any notification setting key that has push in it is for Push notification. Otherwise it's email notification setting.

Path Parameters
    user_id string required
Query Parameters
    client_auth_token string required

    Client API token

Header Parameters
    access-token string required

    user access token

    client string required

    client access token

    expiry string required

    timestamp of token expiry

    Example: 1537116932
    token-type string required

    access token type

    Example: Bearer
    uid string required

    user uid

Request Body
    user_notifications_setting object
    emails_disabled boolean

    Disable all notification emails, if true system won't sent any notification email to user

    follow_notification boolean

    get notifcation when someone follow author

    followed_user_added_post_notification boolean

    get notification when someone user is following create a post

    post_commented_notification boolean

    get notificaiton when someone comment on user's post

    post_liked_notification boolean

    get notification when someone like user's post

    mention_notification boolean

    get notification when someone mention user

    added_post_in_group_notification boolean

    get notification when someone create post in a group where user is a member

    follow_push_notification boolean
    followed_user_added_post_push_notification boolean
    post_commented_push_notification boolean
    post_liked_push_notification boolean
    mention_push_notification boolean
    added_post_in_group_push_notification boolean


Response Headers
  • Cache-Control string
  • Connection string
  • Content-Type string
  • Date string
  • ETag string
  • Server string
  • Status string
  • Transfer-Encoding string
  • X-Content-Type-Options string
  • X-Frame-Options string
  • X-Powered-By string
  • X-Request-Id string
  • X-XSS-Protection string