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Update User Info API‚Äč

Update User Info API

Path Parameters
    user_id string required

    user id

Query Parameters
    client_auth_token string required

    Client API token

Header Parameters
    access-token string required

    user access token

    Example: jQ58plo1xWMEZHpyJTG_lQ
    client string required

    client access token

    Example: mxlN0z0BStZEPwsvKI4YZg
    expiry string required

    timestamp of token expiry

    Example: 1537177070
    token-type string required

    access token type

    Example: Bearer
    uid string required

    user uid

Request Body
    user object
    first_name string
    description string
    password string
    password_confirmation string
    default_lang string

    iso code of user language

    onesignal_player_id string
    last_name string


Response Headers

      status string
      data object
      first_name string
      last_name string
      description string
      default_lang string
      onesignal_player_id string
      email string
      username string
      id integer
      uid string
      name string
      verified boolean
      follow_notification boolean
      comments_notification boolean
      provider string
      post_as boolean
      android_registration_id null
      sign_up_type string
      emails_disabled boolean
      is_admin? boolean
      user_avatar_url string
      rooms_list string[]
      user_type null
      message string